Many buyers and sellers try their best to save money on their transactions by any means they can. However, not hiring a real estate agent is something you should never do.

Going through the whole process of selling or buying a property all by yourself is quite a headache. It’s not worth a few hundred bucks you saved in agent fees.
An agent would use their expertise to smoothen the process for you, making your life easier. Here are a few reasons for hiring an agent:

Market Knowledge:
While dealing in real estate properties, it always comes down to the profit you’ve made on the deal. Hiring an agent is very important to increase those profits.
The most important thing for that is understanding the market you’re dealing with. The area, the trends and the appreciation rate is something you should be well aware of.

Having a real estate agent will give you the necessary market knowledge you do not possess.
An agent will be familiar with years of market trends and data in different areas, giving you more options.

Real estate agents have market resources you can never match on your own. They know the right people to call to get the deals done.
Every real estate agent has a network of people they work with including a home inspector, realtors and lawyers to help out with their customer’s needs.
There is a long list of websites only available to realtors and agents which contain tons of data on the latest real estate listings.

Negotiation Skills:
Completing a real estate deal involves various steps in it. You accept or make an offer, get an inspection done, complete any repairs if needed.

After that, your agent will craft a deal suitable for your budget and that is where the negotiation skills come in.
Bidding on a property out of your range and making it affordable for you is something you cannot do on your own.
An agent would study the property well, understand its pros and cons and use that knowledge to the fullest while negotiating.

Expertise in Managing Transactions:
There are many fees and taxes involved in making a real estate transaction which confuses investors all the time.
Real estate agents will deal with that aspect for you, saving your cost and also giving you knowledge on how to deal with these fees in the future.